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The Big Ray Theory is not just about the origin of the Universe, it also offers a new evolving cosmic model which finally answers many astronomical unsolved mysteries.

If you wish to take a quick look to the main evidences of the theory, you may access the “Scientific facts” tab; this summary is recommended for all those who already have certain astronomical knowledge.

In case you prefer to see all the details of the idea, you can access the complete book for free in the tab “The book”; in it you will find an introduction to the basic facts and detailed explanations about the theory, but above all, you may be able to read the second part of this literary work, which contains metaphysical concepts that reveal the greatest of all mysteries: What provoked the Big Ray? What could have been “there”, in the Nothingness, before the beginning of Times? How “something” could exist in the absolute Nothingness, without annulling it?

In addition, in the tab “About the Author” you will find two interesting essays written by Luis Oscar.

1. - The evolution of species. The Divine connection.
2. - About the Soul, the Emotions and the Survival Instinct.

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